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Epitope Presents at Medical Investments Northwest Conference

    SEATTLE, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ --Epitope, Inc. (Nasdaq: EPTO) today
presented a corporate overview at the seventh annual Medical Investments
Northwest conference in Seattle.
    Epitope develops and markets oral fluid diagnostic tests for detection of
HIV and other medical conditions.  OraSure(R), its principal product, is the
first and only FDA approved Class III oral fluid collection devise available
for HIV testing.  OraSure(R) competes with blood and urine based diagnostic
tests in the life insurance, public health, and international markets.
OraSure(R) has the advantage of high accuracy (99.97% by JAMA), faster
delivery of testing results, and lower cost to the provider due to minimal
collection costs.  Other product advantages include portability, minimal
training requirements, employee safety, reduced chain of custody issues, and
the ability to expand into the needle adverse population.  OraSure(R) is
protected by 11 U.S. patents.
    The company has undertaken focused sales and marketing efforts over the
past six months.  Efforts cited include re-orientation of the sales teams,
established sales goals consistent with company financial objectives, kit
distribution program, penetration into the lower life policy limits,
advertising, direct mail, and expected expansion into the military, community
AIDS outreach and physician community.  Included in Epitope's sales and
marketing efforts has been an aggressive focus on the international and public
health markets.  To date, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong and the UK have
entered into various agreements using OraSure(R).  In addition, the company
has been successful in addressing the public health market in major AIDS
states; California, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Michigan.
    Epitope has been developing new applications of OraSure(R) to expand its
existing franchise.  Epitope and its research partner, STC Technologies, have
developed OraSure(R) based tests for cotinine and drugs-of-abuse, commonly
referred to as the NIDA-5.  To date, the company has received FDA approval for
four of the five drugs-of-abuse:  opiates, cocaine, cannabinoids, and
methamphetamines.  The fifth drug, phencyclidine (PCP), is currently under FDA
review.  The expected launch of the drugs-of-abuse testing panel is 12 to
15 months.  Targeted markets include clinical and government mandated
settings, forensic and industrial testing markets.  Epitope expects to submit
additional FDA OraSure(R) applications for hepatitis and syphilis.  Under a
recent agreement with Analytical Genetic Testing Center, Epitope will explore
the use of OraSure(R) in conjunction with DNA testing.
    Epitope is developing a rapid diagnostic oral fluid specimen testing kit,
OraQuick, for use in both the domestic and international markets.  Designed to
yield results in 10 minutes, OraQuick will expand the technology applications
beyond HIV to include helicobacter pylori (ulcer-causing bacteria), syphilis,
hepatitis and drugs-of-abuse.
    The company also manufactures the OraSure(R) HIV-1 Western blot screening
and confirmatory test for oral fluid based testing and the EPIblot Hiv-1
Western confirmatory test for blood based HIV testing.  Both are marketed
worldwide under an exclusive agreement with Organon Teknika.

Source: EPITOPE Inc.

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