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This site is an unofficial historical site and not affiliated with Epitope, Inc.


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Epitope was once the name of a publicly traded company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.  It began in 1979 as Immunologic Associates, Inc., a parentage testing laboratory, and incorporated two years later as Epitope, Inc. The initial public offering was in 1986 at the beginning of the "biotech boom" and stock traded under the symbol EPTO on NASDAQ.

Effective September 30, 2000 Epitope and STC Technologies "joined forces" to become OraSure Technologies, Inc. According to the company, "Combining Epitope and STC will leverage our expertise in oral fluid technology, infectious disease testing, and substance abuse testing.  Together, we intend to bring diagnostic solutions for the new millennium."

This site is intended to memorialize a company that was a huge part of many people's lives.  It is dedicated to the historic (or nostalgic) Epitope and not OraSure Technologies.  If you are seeking information about OraSure, click here.